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The Woman Behind The Camera

Megan Kruger


When I wake up in the morning my computer is going, the kids are screaming and running around. I'm editing and wiping noses, breaking up fights...It's camera bags and backpacks and I couldn't love it more. I am truly living my dream. I wanted to be a wife and a mother, an entrepreneur and a dream has come to fruition. 

At a very early age I had a great appreciation for a photograph. I lost a lot of very important people when I was very young so I grew to know them only as that picture. Photography has the ability to freeze a moment and give it to someone else to have forever. I can look at a picture of my Papa and remember how he smelled...the tone of his voice...that is something only photo and video can provide. Memories fade but that photo can bring it all back and so vividly. My goal is to provide that. When you look at a photo I have taken of your baby, I want it to bring back the way they felt in your arms, their little noises, their smell...I want you to see a picture of your wedding cake and remember the taste...THAT is my goal as a photographer. I'm honored to be a part of the most important and pivotal

moments in a person's life. 

I am Megan Kruger, owner of Mak Photography.

Mak Photography Services

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